January 24, 2020


Welcome to another post on, "An Interview with x", Today we have a celebrity, an influencer, an actor, a content creator and a youtuber. He is the Producer and Director of an amazing play called, "I BE MAN". He is also a fashion personality and looks really stunning in outfits. He is Steven Chuks also known as Steve Chuks.  


AO: Hello, I’m Abraham Otuya, Content Creator, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger  @faschenmargz It's nice having you here! can you tell us a bit about yourself. Your name and also interesting facts and things to know about you.

SC: My name is Steven Chuks. I’m an actor and content creator. I’m an only son, I have 2 sisters and a mum. I love fashion, music, dancing and food! 

AO: As one of the most popular social media influencers today, how has people's opinion affected your style?

SC: I honestly try not to pay attention to people’s opinion. 

AO: Getting to where you are now, can you tell one resolution that has kept you going through thick and thin?

SC: Never be scared to fail! I have done a lot prior to now and I never stopped even when somethings didn’t work out. 

AO: As an individual, what do you think is one great misconception people generally, especially in Nigeria have about fashion?

SC: Fashion is an expression but, I doubt most Nigerians see it as that! They expect you to dress a certain way and when you go outside the norms, it is termed "absurd". 

AO: Your style is tagged different and classic, Do you have any favourite fashion designers? If yes, tell us some and why?

SC: Thank you! Yes I do. I love orangeculture, Amariol, JZO, Ster by Sylvester and a few others! 
Reasons being, they are in line with my style and that works for me always. 

AO: There's this argument about how comfort is a major element in fashion and style, what is your opinion on this?

SC: Comfort is major for me! If I’m not comfortable in something then I’ll probably never wear it! So yes I agree! comfort is a major element. 

AO: What was your drive into doing comedy skits and how long have you been doing this?

SC: I have always loved to create. I have been creating as far back as 2013 on YouTube. The comedy skits part kind of just happened through my love for creating different things and this aspect was something people loved. I started properly in 2017.

AO: I feel it’s quite tricky to switch between character and maintain that standard of perfection in all character on your videos. I mean the likes of Ebuka, Udodi, Madam Gold, Karen James, Jumoke and so on... Cleopatra Williams is a character I greatly adore, I just can’t miss any videos you put out there on Instagram. You happen to play her in most of your content and her fashion is top notch. What inspired you to go on that journey?

SC: Thank you very much! I mean at the end of the day I’m an actor! I studied theatre arts so I always wanted to play around characters and when I started making skits, I wanted characters that stood out and were original and relatable. 

AO: Also being a man, acting as a lady can be quite tricky. How do you achieve your looks and style?

SC: Thanks to my mum and sisters for the outfits. They deserve all the accolades in this aspect 

AO: In terms of fashion, Do you consider any colour not to your liking? If yes, tell us and why?

SC: I don’t exactly love bright colors but I try here and there to pull them off sometimes. I don’t think I have a particular color I don’t like though. 

AO: What's the major advice for people who see you as a role model?

SC: Keep being you! Don’t change for anyone and it’s okay to fall and rise back! Never be scared to fail.

There you have it guys. Just keep being you always. Be true to yourself.
Thanks for checking this out!!!
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