January 11, 2020


I went fashion hunting on social media: trying to gather a list of fashion lovers of both genders, i came across Mavil Uti, he is Digital Marketer and a content creator and also a fashion lover. This means you don't have to be all about fashion to look amazing and effortless in outfits.

Let's dive right into it..

AO:|| Hi, I’m Abraham Otuya, Content Creator, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger @faschenmargz It's nice having you here!
May we know you?!

MU: || Mavil Uti, I’m a Digital Marketer & Content Creator, Fashion is a lifestyle for me, it helps me express myself .

|| Being a fashion enthusiast and a fashion lover, what's your definition of fashion?
MU: || Fashion to me is a form expression, it helps express my mood and create an identity.

AO: || We’ve seen a lot of diversities in African fashion, What's your take of infusing African and mostly Nigerian essence into the modern fashion?

MU: || It’s a welcome innovation, our fabrics are beautiful, our culture is rich so seeing fashion designers use them in modern fashion is commendable 

AO: || Looking at Men fashion in Nigeria, also Africa, Who/ What inspires your style? 

MU: || When talking about who, there are a lot; Denola Grey, Bayo Oke Lawal 
(orangeculture) and Gabriel Akinosho For what; Nature, Music a lot actually

||Being a conscious fashion person, What comes to mind when combining pieces together to create an amazing outfit? What exactly do you look out for in clothes and accessories?

MU: || I look for exceptional accessories and outfit. I’m not so keen on the everyday wear so I don’t do the regular and challenge the norms be it colour or combination. 

|| We all learn a lot from fashion, cos I’ve come across a lot of fashion defining personalities, What's that one lesson life keeps teaching you through fashion?

MU: || Be yourself, every other person is taken!

AO: || Taking for instance, your way you combining accessories  and pieces of clothing, Are you selective with colours for your style? If yes, tell us some. 

MU: || I’m not really selective with colors, neither do I have a particular style. I Love to try it all and see what new thing I can come up with, how daring a look can be.

|| What’s the greatest misconception you’ve heard about fashion in general...

MU: || Fashion has boundaries, like I laugh when people say you have to dress a certain way because you are a guy or a girl.  As I said earlier fashion is a way of expression so you’re allowed in respective of gender and age dress how you feel.

AO: ||What’s your watch word about fashion.

MU: || Be Yourself!!!

I've getting comments and observations; a lot of viewers have been asking that i feature a female on my website.

Honestly, i wouldn't say it hasn't come across to me that a certain percentage of viewers may be ladies, so expect a content/post with this on my next post.

Credit: @hassan_tsoul 

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  1. Beautiful, bold and brilliant job here. Well done

  2. Thank you... Mr Hassan, i look forward to working more with you


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