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October 31, 2020



Welcome back to another episode of an interview with x’ here on my website as you know, I also have that segment on my YouTube channel and if you’re not subscribed yet, click here

On today episode, I have here with me An Influencer, Model and Entrepreneur; Bello Zainab popularly known as Zaynee Karmani. She has practically grown into the personality that she is with due diligence and consistency.

It is nice to have you here on this platform ma’am.

For now, I will be up with some questions that I would love for you to reply and I’m hoping that it will serve as a dose of motivation and inspiration for whosoever out there; be it a lady or a guy that has a dream to pursue.

To kick this off, tell us a bit about yourself, your name to begin with, your interests, hobbies and basically anything you feel we should know about you.

ZK: || My name is Bello Zainab popularly known as Zaynee Karmani. I am a model, influencer and entrepreneur. I love content creating and basically anything that brings out my creativity.

Being a personality who is quite versatile in different aspects of fashion, what motivates your style?

ZK: || Anything and everything motivate my style. By the way, my style icon/inspiration is definitely Rihanna {I love being extra and sometimes I love creating looks out of the box and something that people would probably not expect to look good, I make everything look good}.

Women unlike men seem to have a variety of colors when they decide to combine fashion pieces and slay effortlessly in, do you have affinities for some? If yes, Tell us and why.

ZK: || BLACK! That is my favorite color and I believe everyone looks good in black. Also, I hear if you love anything black – you are independent, strong-willed and determined and like to be in control of yourself and situation (that speaks ME!).

In the world today where we have seen people go miles all in the name of fashion. Do you think certain sacrifices and risks should be made in considering some choices in fashion?

ZK: || Like I said I like being extra and creating looks out of the box but one thing I avoid is looking funny. I have seen people at fashion shows, red carpets and gatherings dressed so extra ending up looking like clowns (that is not fashion to me) I ensure the colors are right and the style suites my body, skin and every necessary detail needed before picking a style.

You are quite the explorer; travelling to different countries around the world. I’m certain that each has their own particular essence. What is that constant factor you have observed about fashion from your travels?

ZK: || One thing I love is culture -sometimes you see me dressed like an Indian, Fulani, Yoruba girl etc. and also definitely incorporating the culture in a modern way. I always feel inspired when I travel anywhere and try to blend with their style. Understanding your environment! That is very important.

I would love to ask, Do you have a personal philosophy about your style? What is it in three words?

ZK: || Comfortable, Relatable and Appropriate.

I have to ask; Nigeria really is not the hub for may vloggers, what are the major challenges that you may have faced in bringing out your content and how have you scaled through them.

ZK: || Most times location; sometimes I want to shoot my vlog at locations but then I might end up fighting with someone because, “they do not allow that” or having to bribe or pay to shoot my vlog there. Sometimes just taking a picture is a big deal in so many locations in Nigeria and I wonder why because personally I feel that is even a way to promote your brand.

I actually agree with you here cos most time I actually feel the same way, that if you would want to promote your brand to the right people, location actually matter in terms of shoots.

I am certain you’ve heard different ideas, opinions and views from people both subscribers and non-subscribers alike, how do you take them, balance them with yours and act on them?

ZK: || I love when people give me ideas and I tend to even ask for my viewers/followers’ opinions at times, trying to know the kind of contents they like so it’ll guide me more on what to put out. So, most times I work around things that I know my viewers will love to see or things I know can interest people.

I must say you have an amazing skin… Do you have routines/practices you follow in the health and maintenance of your skin?

ZK: || Yeah, I do. I have a skin care routine I follow, instead of explaining, I’ll just make a video soon because I have actually been getting that request a lot.

P.s. I drink water and mind my business lol.

Being a Vlogger yourself, what are the major values you teach your subscribers?

ZK: || Be real! Be yourself so you do not go through so much work faking it or trying to be like someone else.

There you have it guys… I must say, this was definitely an interesting edition of An Interview with X’. 

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