An Interview with Content Creator; Joju

November 28, 2020

By Taiwo Hassan

When it comes to aesthetics and a well thought out fashion icon who makes the most minimal and simple fashion pieces look elegant and rather dashing and applaudable, we have the amazing, “Joju” known as @jojuoreofe on Instagram. His journey in the fashion world trying out different styles and finally getting his own signature style is amazing. He is very particular with the minimalist approach to fashion and still slays effortlessly in his outfits.

AO: || Getting on the bus of the page, I came along specific styles that are unique and quite particular to you, can you give us an insight into why and how you birthed this style.

JO: || It’s been a long time coming, I have tried different content styles over the years, but with minimalism, I feel comfortable, confident and right at home. I’m a big fan of looking really good, in the most minimal of ways. Hence you see the aesthetic of my page, the backgrounds & the outfits portray minimalism.


AO: || What's the best compliment you've received on your style?

JO: || I can’t pick one. It’s the comments & dms I get weekly for me.

AO: || I'm certain your choice of fashion styles relates to you as a person. What is that one message you always hope to pass across with what you wear?

JO: || Yes most definitely. The message would be, “You can be very fashionable with the most minimal of fashion pieces/outfits”.

AO: || Have you got any influences? Can you tell us about some and a common lesson you've learnt from all of them.

JO: || Yes, quite a number of people influence me. Denola grey stands out for me. Lessons learnt ? Consistency & Confidence will get you to your destination.


AO: || Has this country hindered your fashion style in any way? If yes, can we hear about some of these challenges?

JO: || Well, the nature of our weather definitely has an impact on what I put on per time. We also can’t put on camouflage clothes because of the army. Asides that, nothing else.


AO: || If you had a choice to either go with white or black for any reason, which side would you lean on and why?

JO: || I’ll go with white. From clothes to properties. There’s an aura it gives me.


AO: || Minimalist or all in. How would describe your overall personality, especially in your fashion sense?

JO: || Minimalist, definitely. I’m a very easy going person but I’ve always got that extra spark you don’t see coming.

AO: || I noticed the essence of African prints in some of your outfits. What do you think is that unique aura Africa carries in the fashion world?

JO: || African fashion is global now, no doubt about it. Our designs are showcased and worn all over the world. Our unique aura would have to be the bold fashion statements we make with our fabrics, patterns, styles and colors. It’s authentic, innovative and it tells a story.

AO: || Do you have a particular go-to outfits regardless of the event? If yes, can you tell us about some?

JO: || Cross-body bags. Luckily there are different kinds to suit different occasions.


AO: || What do you think has changed over the years, in respect to your fashion style?

JO: || Definitely. My knowledge of fashion has evolved & is still evolving. That has had an impact on what I wear and how I pair pieces together.


AO: || Your page on social media (Instagram) looks quite laid out. Do you have a thought process before posting any contents?!

JO: || Yes I do, it involves a lot of strategic planning and research. It helps with the minimal aesthetic content I produce.

AO: || Where do you see yourself in five years?! What is the dream?!

JO: || Five years from now, I would be in the business of fashion. That’s the dream.   

Please follow @jojuoreofe on Instagram, and @official_abbie


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  1. He's got an eccentric style. beautiful!

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