January 04, 2020

An interview with ADE OWOSENI; such a personality!

Part of my new year resolution was that i would stop procrastinating and go for anything i set out to do without hesitation. I decided that i was going to feature @almighty_nigerian on my website, he's a content creator and fashion connoisseur, a model, i mean his fashion is top-notch. 

HS:|| Abraham Otuya
GS:|| Ade Owoseni

Let's dive right into it...

HS:|| Hi, I'm Abraham Otuya, I'm a Fashion x Lifestyle blogger, Content Writer/Creator 
Tell me about yourself!!!!...

GS:|| My name is Adesijibomi Owoseni also known as Almighty_Nigerian I am a Content creator and Fashion connoisseur, a Private chef amongst other things. I love to travel and go on adventures. I also love anything related to fashion and being on camera.

HS:|| Did you school here in Nigeria or abroad and which university?

GS:|| I schooled abroad, University of Houston, Texas; The United States.

HS:|| You have such a daring personality, Does travelling in any way affect or change your perception of fashion given the fact that you love to travel?

GS:|| Yes! Travelling gives me a whole new perception to fashion, that's why i take my time to travel to see what's going on in the area, Like a whole new perception.

HS:|| I've seen almost all the posts on your Instagram page ADE OWOSENI, I can't help but wonder; How much attention do you pay to fashion in the way you dress and what's your inspiration? I mean your fashion is exquisite

GS:|| I pay a lot of attention but i don't just place it on my mind like that... and i will continue to say this, i inspire myself, as a brawn (plus size model) I have gone through a lot of embracing and showcasing a fashionable male figure so i let the inspiration come from within me and i just put it out the way it comes.

HS:|| When you're shopping for clothes and pieces, what exactly do you look out for?

GS:|| When i shop for clothes and pieces, i try to look for items that would glorify all my thickness, something that would announce me (it would be low key but unique), something that another plus size would see and would be influenced to rock it.

HS:|| I want to use myself as a case study and I believe that some individuals out there might have in one way or the other thought about it too. So, sometimes I fear that my outfit in a day looks way too much,although I feel really comfortable. But I just feel, it’s too much and people in turn wouldn’t like it.Tell me, how do you control your self not to allow the negative comments people give get to you?

GS:|| Ha! The negative comments is what I live for these days! Like yassss! Bring all those toxicity let me see what I did well! I know I rocked that bag right that’s why you’re mad, I know the pants sit well on my body that it would on you, that’s why you’re mad at me and going off in my comment section. If you’re getting all these complaints, you’re definitely doing something right. Also, you gotta be able to develop a thick skin(which is not an easy task) and be carefree.

HS:|| Are you open to modelling for brands?

GS:|| Yes, I am definitely open to modelling for brands! I am very much available and distance isn’t even a barrier.

HS:|| What other aspects apart from fashion do you involve yourself with? I have seen a video or two of you in a comedy scene and this takes a lot of work!...

GS:|| Lol... I am weak, I do skit videos as my inspiration comes... I always love to be in front of the camera (any way it may be, I just love it), tbh, I don’t know how I combine all but I know that I do it

HS:|| What would you say is the biggest misconception about the fashion of today in Nigeria?

GS:|| Hmmmmmmm... I would say one misconception is Fashion has to be expensive! No sir, no ma’am, fashion isn’t for the wealthy.... you can look fashionable in an old pair of jean from the thrift just the self way you can look fashionable in a “designer” pants. It’s all about your confidence!!! To be fashionable you don’t have to break your bank and you must also have confidence to carry it

HS:|| What would you say as a word of advice to upcoming fashion enthusiasts?

GS:|| Do not break your bank! Do not break your bank, start with the “non designers” you have and also learn the art of networking! Network with those that will sow a seed into what you do... like minded people. Overall be comfortable in whatever you’re presenting to your audience

Thanks for your time, Mr Adesijibomi Owoseni, We really appreciate!

Click here to get in contact with ABRAHAM OTUYA X ADE OWOSENI

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  1. I didn't read the whole content but the little I was able to glance through, there are points that are very impacting in them... Thanks or this/these piece!

    1. Thank you so much for your time, i hope you loved it!

  2. This is Inspiring!
    I love the Fifth reply❤

  3. Thanks... in all you do, make sure it pleases you not someone else. ��

  4. Man's got style. Effortlessly on point 👌... Lovely piece Abraham 👍

    1. Thanks... please be sure to look out for more interviews and information here.

  5. It was such a good post. Visit Off-White Hood. Thanks for sharing.


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