November 06, 2021

Lagos Fashion Week formerly known as Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) is a platform where models, fashion enthusiasts and designers come together to network and create memories. The show couldn’t hold last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year was an exception because the fashion week held from the 27th - 31st of October 2021, having both onsite and offsite shows.

A lot of Fashion Designers came through with amazing collections and pieces in their glory. From Talks with Celebrity personalities to networking with fashion enthusiasts to the runway shows, it has been an amazing experience.

A talk, “Lagos FW x Denola Grey”, The sit down (a collection of musings from fascinating creative minds) with Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture Nigeria and Emmanuel Okoro of Emmy Kasbit Nigeria. It was exhilarating listening to creative minds talk on their journey into being creatives and how they made a name for themselves in the industry of fashion. They also explained the need to always represent your brand goals and stick to your niche even when a customer is requesting for a different representation of your brand.

The past week has seen many diverse personalities in the fashion industry showcase their work and pieces. The on-site and off-site shows were a beauty to behold. 


by Adebayo Oke-Lawal – he calls this collection, “Peacock Riot”. He always seeks to create conversational outfits and he always has the answers to any questions that may arise as regards his collection. This collection embodies and displays narratives of inclusivity and search for regality as a human objective. 


This collection is phenomenal. With the opening dance entrance - It felt like a celestial scene of angels in heaven. A thought of creative minds put together to make magic. It is a sustainable and high fashion collection. He called this collection, “my eyes before yours” and it is dedicated to his beautiful friend, “Kemi Agoro”. Sisiano has always had an eye for contemporary fashion, and he didn’t fail to let us see that through his collection. In research, Sisiano explains that each collection starts with a sound and that sound is a song that plays until he finds what he is searching for. He further explains that the sound orchestrates and gives reasons as to why the garment should move in a certain way. His brand represent himself – an open free minded, sensual, whimsical, artsy, and carefree mind. He is always looking for an expression of fashion through the sound he feels and his dance. 


A brand by Elie Kuame, EK started in 2006 - a brand for every woman, for every queen. A brand that should be, “if not already is”, considered as one of the best luxury brands in Africa. With its Ivorian and Lebanon heritage, it is safe to say that its heritage has contributed positively to the growth in the fashion Industry. Every piece in the collection gives a different interpretation and expression of a classy lady, a queen. His attention to detail is breathtaking. Every outfit in this collection gave me goosebumps. This collection was my best in terms of all the collections put together. It is great to see how different cultures, arts and tradition can be put into a collection of magnificent pieces.

The amazing - Tonbara Ikidi gave us an amazing strut of one of the pieces for Elie Kuame and I could not have enough. Elie Kuame called this collection, “TRANSITION” and I could see reasons why. From the Kimono outfit, the blazer and the statement skirt piece, the black double-breasted gown, the silky gown with an embellished neckpiece among many others. All these outfit were accessorized with Elie Kuame bag brand, “Mon Eternel” and le “On Gagne Temps” meaning, “my eternal” and “we save time” respectively. It is truly a sight to behold.


Banke Kuku was born in Lagos. She moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 8. The stint and diversity of cultural style from two different countries influences her bold patterns. This has resulted in having statement prints with fascinating impression. One of the world’s most influential trend forecasters, Lidewij Edelkoort describes Banke Kuku as the ‘Queen of Color’. She says Banke’s prints are ‘exquisite pieces of art’. It was amazing to see how the icon collaborated with Polo Avenue to illustrate and incorporate each of the brand ideas in the different fabric and pieces, they did this effortlessly while still maintaining the concept of the SS22 collection. This is an amazing collaboration for both brands. 


Elfreda Fakoya; an artist that is influenced by her interest to define the heuristic concept of culture and art. Her pieces are conversational and structured with silver eyelets clothing buckles and very stunning gemstones detailing. She had strong personalities strut those pieces on the runway. She had celebrity personalities in the likes of Lojay Music, Ashley Okoli and Zamir among many others strut her amazing pieces on the runway. We could not get enough of it. It is all or nothing with Faschenmargz, definitely a sight to behold. 


Kadiata; a designer that is about, Art by Africans for Africans. She gave us a sight to behold with patterned prints that are handmade. She said that her collections represent the mixes of culture, different people, different works, different fabrics, differences in everything and how they always seem to meet and connect. The outfits really explained what she was talking about. We saw models strut those pieces and the delightful gaze each outfit gave with very distinct representation and how they are all connected. 


 A contemporary size inclusive menswear brand collection that came with stunning and bold colors coupled with perfect attention to detail. The brand gave bold looks in totality of the collection. As a special tribute to the late co-founder Maria Gordon, ASSIAN had the models walk bold primary colors - red, blue, and yellow, on the runway with the classic detailing of a leather bag. The collection in general speaks elegance. 


The “AKILI NI MALI” collection by Iona McCreath for KIKO ROMEO gave us a dive into the tradition and culture of the Swahili people. The focus of this collection is on the culture of Swahili and how it’s infused into fashion. She had us see beautiful designs detailed with distinct prints. 


A brand by Nigerian Twin Sisters; Sylvia and Olivia; fashion designers influenced by their parents. Gozel Green was shortlisted by Camera Moda and Sara Maino to join other African talents during the Milan Fashion Week in 2020. They represent forms of art including Fabric Deconstruction, Color Blocking, Lines, and asymmetry - We saw that, in their collection for Lagos FW 2021. They also came with the hat detailing and this made the whole difference. It’s safe to say that they put in proper attention to detail. It was good to see how they played with colors and fabrics. It was an amazing overall collection and as they say, “two good heads are better than one”.


by Oyindamola.  She brought up the heat with a mini collection focusing on transparency and zero waste. She designed 3 statement pieces that were not just conversational but very beautiful to behold. The models had their strut game on as they worked those outfits down the aisle of the runway. The collections consisted of a matching pant and blazer and 2 beautifully, constructed dresses in purple and white. The color scheme for this collection is aesthetically pleasing. 


by Funke Asinobi-Ola, Ijeoma Jibunoh and Abi Ola. They came with a mini collection and in an interview with them, “they said that the collection is determined by the totality and tenacity of women. They’re focusing on the end life cycle of a product, breathable fabrics such as organic cotton and organic linen which were used to make these pieces. The color scheme of shades of blue, pink, and grey is just perfect for the designs seen on the runway. 


by Wande Lagundoye; an artist who ensures that through presentation and invocation, the traditional weaving technique is passed down from generation to generations; she made an amazing mini collection with hand-woven Aso-oke. She’s about sustainability in the fashion industry. Her pieces are amazingly put together with additional accessories giving it an overall defined look. 


her outfits are very edgy. The way she combined fabrics of different color is so amazing. Patterns on patterns in its very best. It was an effortless collection. The collection is titled, “where the lines meet”. It is inspired by artisans who work to make a designer’s dream come true. The ones who are not always seen but are working behind the scenes with their dedicated and skillful hands.


named after its Designer, “Desiree Iyama”. The brand seeks to provide elegance and class to women. The brand is a contemporary womenswear brand for feminine and functional women, and they’re specialized in ready-to-wear outfits. The quality of dresses they make is what singles them out in the fashion industry. The 3-outfit collection is a belle to behold with its inspiration from the Saguaro Cactus and fashion icon, “Reni Folawiyo”


making their debut with a mini collection which they called, “Our Mother’s Pride”. The collection embodies and investigates the life of marginalized people in Africa with its focus on the LGBTQIA+ community; their existence, history, lifestyle, the struggles they have faced and how they emerged. Cute Saint’s Collection is thoughtful, diversifying, and authentic. They based their focus on zero waste, recyclability and carbon footprint reduction in the making of this collection. 

Executive Director/ CEO Nigerian Export Promotion Council and President, ECOWAS TPO Network, Mr. Olusegun Awolowo announced a 500,000,000 naira grant set aside to support thirty brands in the fashion industry who have been consistent with solidifying their retail footprint in key cities and digital destinations across the word. He said, the aim of the grant is to increase opportunities for access to the global market for these brands. He ended the keynote on a congratulatory note for Style House Files; Lagos Fashion Week with the announcement of Lagos Fashion Week Founder; Omoyemi Akerele as a zero oil Ambassador of Nigeria.

Sponsors of the Lagos Fashion Week include Heineken, Style House Files, Lush Hair Nigeria, Oppo, Tecno, Medbury Medical Services and so on. 

Photo Credit: @kolaoshalusi

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