10 Latest Female Owambe Style Tips by TFS

November 29, 2020



Do you prefer lace gowns styles? Well, it’s good thing that you’re here. We are going to show and tell you about the best lace designs in 2020. Look through these charming gowns and you will be amazed by their beauty.

Due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic around the world, a lot of event had to be cancelled and as we’re getting a hold of our daily lives back, parties and all have resumed. For all the party goers that love Owambe, this is the right place to get your classy and elegant styles.

Lace style is one of the most favorite styles for Nigerian ladies. Lace literally conquered runways around the world in the spring-summer season and this is not only about Nigerian fashion. However, today fashion designers offer to add the latest lace styles to your everyday wardrobe. Of course, charming evening lace dresses were also presented in abundance but Nigerian women prefer to wear lace style gowns for different occasions.

Pidgin: Some people talk say, “Make you no dress pass the bride” lol... Please oo, dress your dress; your husband may just be in that wedding. The bride self suppose know say she suppose dress well for her big day na. lol...

Please make sure that if you would not be making use of the gele (head tie), you should be on a Cambodian Hair popularly known in Nigeria as Bone Straight Hair.


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