December 21, 2017


A suit is the epitome of class, style, elegance and confidence. Most men think “fashion” means a straightforward suit-and-tie look. But we don’t fault guys for thinking this way — the pressed slacks, button-up shirt and tailored jacket have long defined men’s clothing, and it can get pretty boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here in Faschenmargz we give you Amazing Tailored Suits that are strictly designed by Faschenmargz, we make sure that you’re confident in your outfit, all our Suits, Blazers are Tailored to Fit. Here are some pictures of what to see from Faschenmargz. 

This first picture shows how to look a bit casual and still comfy in a suit... Starting from the Double-Breasted Suit to the Grey Colored Shirt, The White Shirt, Black Jeans, and the White High Top Sneakers. 

This is the Navy Blue Double-Breasted Suit Design... This is a Three-Piece Suit, it has both the Suit and the waist-coat as double-breasted; you can decide to pull off the suit and use only the waist-coat and still look classic. If you want this suit, place your order from Faschenmargz 
All the details in order for you to place your order are at the end of this page.

This is also a Double-Breasted Suit, Also a three-piece suit.

Personally, I love this color. The Wine/Velvet Colored Three-piece Suits can be worn for different occasions

I Love this Gray Colored Suit, as seen in the picture, it’s very classic..The waist/coat has the double breasted design and the suit itself is a plain one.

Note: When you place any order for suits, you’ll get a white shirt and a Lapel Pin for free
If you have any design you would also want your suit to have, we would be more than willing to make sure you have maximum satisfaction.

For Placements and Order:
Call/WhatsApp 08070843868

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