March 07, 2017

It's Faschenmargz bringing you updates on shoes to combine on different outfits...
What are the best shoes to combine with your outfits, Below are amazing wears that have been conveyed for your interest,


 Chukkas are casual boots; 
They’re comfortable and sharp enough for most social occasions. 
Not only are they tremendous shoes for a date or hitting happy hour on a Friday and Saturday night, but if you’re a professional 9-to-5 cubicle monkey chukkas look great with khakis or jeans in an office environment. 
Plus, their availability is pretty widespread these days, with almost every serious shoemaker having a couple of leather options with varying price points in their men’s lines, 
such as: Red Wing, Sperry, and Cole Haan, along with now-ubiquitous classics like the Clarks Desert boots.

2.   SUITS 

Attending weddings, funerals, achievement banquets, and retirement dinners is just a fact of life. There will always be one reason or another that you’ll need to wear something formal.
You don’t have to buy upscale designer hand-stitched Italian leather to look presentable. 
If you’re only throwing on black dress shoes a couple times a year, 
something off the rack for N12,000 looks perfectly fine.
Make sure that youre comfortable in your shoes, 
because they speak about you.

These are shoes to be worn with the tuxedo.
As the still obeyed rules of glamour tell us, you won´t get too much mileage in playing around with the classic black tie look. 
Thanks to sexy sartorial marketing, you can throw cyan velvets and embroidery into the equation upper body, 
but a solid pair of shoes will help keep you to keep your style on a great foundation. 
If you do want to rock the black tie boat then a pair of velvet or patent leather bowed slippers will work a treat (especially if you match the texture to your bow tie). 
You can also throw in a little visual interest by opting for the embroidered upper styles. 
If you´d rather not attract too many glances on your shoes all evening then the patent leather lace up´s are a fail-proof alternative. 
They are awesomely amazing.


Sneakers are amazing choices for Joggers, they are quite comfy and smart looking...
Sneakers don’t make an outfit hot, but the right outfit can make certain sneakers way better. 
This time we’re talking about jogger pants.  
Fashion is so often illogical that when a trend like jogging pants comes on the scene (that are the perfect marriage of affordability, versatility and comfort) you won’t have to spend a lot of time deciding what to wear every morning. 
Dress shoes and joggers are never ever a good look, 
so the recommendation is that anything past Chukka boots is overkill.


Shorts are intrinsically casual and your choice of shoe should be as well. 
The span of leg between the hem and the laces will not help you to pull off the Brogue look well. Instead, by staying with the more classic trainers.

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  1. These shoes are.... Woooow.....i will like to get one of these.. ������

    1. You sure should get one of these, they're amazing...

  2. Nice shoes. wanna get them all
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